Second Jobs

Q: Does an employee need to ask for our permission to have a second job working for another company in the Czech Republic?

A: You need to ask three questions

  1. Is there any provision in the employee’s employment contract that allows, prevents or partially limits moonlighting and, if so, is there a requirement to notify their main employer? If so, these apply.
  2. Is there the same kind pf provision as 1 above under Work Rules that you are obliged to establish under S 305 of the Czech Labour Code? If so, these apply.
  3. Does the activity in the second job closely match that in the primary job?  S304 of the Labour Code prevents an employee from working in another job where the duties are largely the same as their main job.

S 74-6 of the Labour Code also limits the hours for second jobs (to effectively 50% of the main job).