PT Leave rights

Q: If a person works fewer than 5 days a week in France, is their annual leave pro-rated relative to full-time workers?

A: In France – as it is the case in all EU member states – part-time employees are guaranteed equal rights and treatment to full time employees. 

That being said, your part time employee, will still be entitled to 5 weeks annual leave.  However, part-time workers’ annual leave entitlement is itself calculated on a pro-rata basis, from the first day the employee should be working – had they not taken their holiday – until they are back to work. This calculation includes the days on which the part-time worker was not normally working, according to their employment contract.  Hence, if your employee requests to be absent in a given week, they will still be deducted week from their total leave entitlement even though they are only expected to work for 4 days in that week.  

It is very important to review the collective agreement in place, as the document may contain provisions on this issue, more specifically about the distribution of holidays and the calculation of time off.