Helping HR Departments around the world become, and remain, successfully multinational.

Although we specialise in assisting Asian Companies to set up operations in Europe – we operate in all regions of the world. We are exclusively licenced to draw on all the comprehensive resources of the Federation of International Employers (FedEE) – particularly its huge knowledgebase covering laws and other HR data for 60+ countries. We are also specialists in the field of Mergers and Acquisitions – with a focus on employment rights and implications. 




We undertake Projects to:

* Identify what HR policies and practices need to change and adapt
* Improve HR effectiveness and compliance
* Draw up of new policies, guidelines, job specifications and contracts
* Establish a system to keep HR policies and job specifications up to date
* Devise company corporate governance standards and ethical codes
* Provide an expert non-executive member of Board remuneration committees to advise on top management pay
* Provide independent members of interview panels
* Draw up personal/management development plans for talented staff
* Counsel executives that are suffering from “burn-out”
* Set up job evaluation panels using the FedEE evaluation system

* Price individual jobs using our proprietary and powerful JEAPS method

* Avoid pitfalls when meeting pay-gap reporting requirements in countries such as the UK, France and Germany – including drafting compliant reports and other documents
* Mediate in labour disputes wherever they may arise and representing companies in collective bargaining
* Assist at every stage in the establishment of Works Councils and European Works Councils required by EU law
* Support HR departments during mergers and takeovers – to comply with national and international business transfer legislation
* Advise on the handling of information and consultation requirements when undertaking collective redundancies in the European Union
* Counsel HRM on staff relocation and expatriate assignments – including selection
* Brief all staff prior to undertaking international assignments
* Train staff to become multinational HR professionals – short and long courses
* Run English refresher and improvement classes for HR professionals
* Provide networking opportunities in the EU for HR professionals from Asian companies
* Work with Clients to implement ISO HR standards
* Give one-to-one support for HR Directors
* Deliver ongoing support and problem-solving to remain effective and legally complaint


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